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Human Performance believes that all people, regardless of their perceived athletic ability and level of experience, can train like an athlete to achieve their personal goals.

Human Performance provides an individualised athletic performance environment that is tailored to the specific sport and athletic needs enabling the person to achieve athletic excellence.

Regardless of the person’s starting level everyone can train like and have the mentality towards exercising like the very best.

Tom Carter - Human Performance - Strength and Conditioning

Tom Carter

BSc, MExSc, MEd
NSW Waratahs – Rugby Union Player (2005-2013)
Sydney Sixers – Strength and Conditioning Coach (2014-2018)
Sydney University Football Club – High Performance Manager (2015-2017)
Australian Sports Medal 2021
Australian Women’s 7s Rugby Union Team Head of Athletic Performance (2019 – current)
World Series Champions 2021-2022
Commonwealth Games Gold Medallists 2022
World Cup Champions 2022
AIS – Australian Institute of Sport Team of the Year 2022

Tom believes that his personal and professional experience has shaped him with a unique skill set to coach, guide, and develop people to achieve their athletic training and performance goals.
Tom is a highly regarded sports performance and coaching professional for businesses, teams, and athletes of all levels. He possesses a distinctive approach to athletic development by combining his theoretical and practical knowledge of sports performance and everyday human movement.

Through his distinguished personal sporting success at the NSW Waratahs, as well as knowledge gained through his qualifications, Tom’s greatest strength lies in his ability to inspire and drive individuals and teams to perform at a level higher than one thought could be achieved.

Starting Human Performance in 2014, Tom’s business focuses on helping teams, athletes, and everyday people to achieve above and beyond their own athletic, health and well-being goals. To accomplish this, Tom utilises his impressive knowledge of sports science, human movement, elite sports performance, and practical coaching experience. He also currently commencing a PHD in this area to further his knowledge and expertise.

Tom’s expert knowledge and abilities have enhanced the performance of individuals and teams in Olympic and professional sports. He has worked closely with many individuals along their respective athletics journeys, including Winter Olympians, nationally placed athletes, and aspiring Rugby Union players. In particular, he has a reputation for preparing some of Australia’s greatest cricketers, swimmers, and female Rugby Union 7s players with specialist knowledge of the locomotive demands and skill specific movements of all forms of their game.

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Ross Jeffs Testimony - Olympic Coach

Ross Jeffs is an experienced practitioner with elite and talented development personell across national, world, and Olympic level.

"I have collaborated with Tom for over 10 years and can confidently say he is one of the hardest working, committed and knowledgeable practitioners that I have come across. When it comes to Rugby and its various codes Tom’s incredibly deep understanding of the game from his career combined with his in-depth sports science background gives him a unique and rare skill set that I am yet to see in a team sport setting so far."
Ross Jeffs - Sprints & Hurdles Coach at Aspire Academy
Bronte Campbell - Fitness and Strength Program

Bronte Campbell (OAM) is an Australian competitive swimmer, a dual Olympic gold-medal winner and world champion.

"I started collaborating with Tom in late 2020 to build strength while also managing injuries. Tom’s diligence and graduated approach got me back to goal strength while looking after my injuries. I competed in Tokyo Olympics in 2021 in the least amount of pain I had been in for years."
Bronte Campbell (OAM) - Australian Olympic Swimmer
Heather Garriock - Matildas Training and Strength

Heather Garriock has an extensive history and career in football – former national team representative with the Matildas (130 caps), sports administrator, director of Football Australia and coach.

"I have been lucky to have known Tom since 2015 both as a fellow professional coach and university colleague. Through these experiences I have come to know Tom as a highly intelligent and best practice athletic performance coordinator. Tom uses his impressive evidence-based understanding of sports science, elite sports coaching, and performance methodologies to maximise individual and team sporting success."
Heather Garriock - Matildas Legend

Brad Haddin is a former Australian cricketer, vice-captain and coach who represented Australia in all three forms of international cricket.

"I have known Tom Carter both personally and professionally for 15 years. Tom has consistently excelled in his sporting pursuits. He has a history of exceptional academic achievements in the realm of high-performance strategy, training, implementation, and sustainability. Tom was truly outstanding as a resolute, professional, and motivated high-performance strength and conditioning coach at a critical time in my professional sporting career."
Brad Haddin - Australian International Cricketer
Nathan Lyon - Tom Carter - Human Performance - Speed and Fitness

Nathan Lyon is a current Australian cricketer who represented Australia in all three forms of international cricket. He currently has played 118 test matches and ranked eighth all time for test match wickets taken.

"I have been working with my athletic performance coach Tom Carter for the last 5 years focusing on improving my movement capacities; in particular, my range of motion, motor control and strength & power. Allowing me to gain explosive power whilst holding better positions in the game when fielding and bowling. Not only have I physically improved, but Tom has also been an amazing support preparing me mentally and giving me the confidence in my body and preparation. "
Nathan Lyon - Australian International Cricketer