Paddy Ryan

Ten years ago I met Tom. My first year at the rugby club Sydney University. I can’t remember the initial meeting. No doubt it would have involved some form of banter from Tom probably regarding my weight or form on the field. No one was safe from a verbal barrage when he was around. Tom loves to tell it how it is.  Which is why ten years on with my rugby career taking a new direction as I headed overseas he was the first person I called when I needed to do some work on my conditioning.  Whilst playing with Tom at Sydney University we all followed his work ethic. He would smash himself during the week, training so hard, then perform on the weekend. In context, many players (successful ones too) would look after themselves during season, and do their main graft of work prior...
Moises Henriques

Moises Henriques

I’ve worked with and known Tom for quite some time now. I’ve always enjoyed training with him and I felt he always got the best out of me in any of my sessions. If I’m going to speak candidly, most trainers on some level should be able to do this. Tom does it very well, however what sets Tom apart from other trainers is his experience and understanding of not only what it takes to be an elite athlete but how powerful the mind is. I see far too often trainers, who almost ignore mental health and focus on physical appearance and performance exclusively. His understanding, empathy, compassion, respect and dare I say genuine care that I’ve felt personally, and I’ve seen him pass on to others that I’ve trained is not something I see in elite sport or life in general anywhere near enough....
Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin – Former Australian Cricketer

Tom has consistently excelled in his sporting pursuits. He has a track record of exceptional academic achievements in the realm of high performance strategy, training, implementation and sustainability. I consider myself fortunate to have been involved with Tom in these roles first hand at a professional sportsman level with The University of Sydney and the Sydney Sixers Franchise.

Heather Garriock

Heather Garriock – W-League Coach

I have been lucky to have known Tom since 2015 both as a fellow professional coach and university colleague. Through these experiences I have come to know Tom as a highly intelligent and best practice athletic performance coordinator.

Lora Storey

Lora Storey – Australian Track and Field athlete

“I have been lucky enough to work with Tom since 2014. Over the last four and a half years Tom has been involved in multiple aspects of my training including managing my strength and conditioning program, injury management and prevention, biomechanical and technical development as well as mentoring.

Nathan Lyon

Nathan Lyon – Australian Cricketer

"I have been working with my athletic performance trainer Tom Carter for the last 5 years focusing on improving my range of movement, strength and control allowing me to gain explosive power. As a result, I'm now able to hold a better position in key movements that I perform in the game more consistently when both fielding and bowling. Not only have I physically improved, Tom has been an amazing support preparing me mentally. Giving me the confidence in my body that I am moving well with the power, speed and agility required to perform at the highest level in my industry. I look forward to continuing my work with Tom on a regular basis and would highly recommend him and his services to anyone looking to move to the next level of their performance."