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Change your life today by taking back control of your exercise, training and individual performance program.

Personal Training

At Human Performance, we believe that all people – regardless of their perceived athletic ability and level of experience – are able to train like an athlete to achieve their personal goals.

Elite Athletes

Human Performance provides an individualised sport and athlete tailored environment that enables them to achieve athletic excellence.

Corporate Group Training

Corporate Group Training involves the development of a comprehensive performance program that is based on the specific needs of the corporate athlete.

Running and Movement Group

The Running and Movement Group focuses on enhancing and teaching the vertical integration of physiological capacities to accelerate athletic development and sports performance.

Online Coaching

Monthly programming, Weekly Check ins, Email Support, Professional Referral.

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Daily steps and fitness minutes: how much exercise do we need to live longer?

New study @Nature: hot streaks are common in many lines of work, from arts to intellect.

What they have in common? They tend to follow a pattern of exploring lots of things before going deep on one.

In other words: first you need to find fit, then grit.

Lots of turn as Nathan Lyon spins his way to this week's #SaturdaySeed!

You can't be leaving those ones...

Some thoughts on pacing from early on in a big race:

-You need to show restraint early on
-How you feel in the first mile (metaphorical or real) is not how you'll feel later on
-Set the expectation that it is going to be a long-haul
-Mostly stick to plan, but be willing to adapt

I poured my head, heart, and soul into this book. I believe it teaches the necessary correctives and practices we so desperately need right now.

If you want to go deeper, read the book! The Practice of Groundedness:

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