Tom Carter

BSc, MExSc, MEd

Human Performance Pty Ltd – Founder and Director (2014-current)
NSW Waratahs – Rugby Union Player (2005-2013)
Sydney Sixers – Strength and Conditioning Coach (2014-2018)
Sydney University Football Club – High Performance Manager (2015-2017)

Tom is a highly regarded sports performance and coaching professional for businesses, teams and athletes of all levels. Tom possesses a unique combination of theoretical and practical application to sport’s and athletic performance and every day human movement and has the ability to inspire individuals along their respective journey’s.

As a performance coordinator, Tom’s qualifications and own distinguished personal sporting success belie the fact that his greatest strength lies in his ability to inspire and to drive individuals and teams to perform at a level higher than one thought could be achieved. Tom believes every individual is capable of achieving their best when their genotype and phenotype is tailored to their particular needs and optimised.

Human Performance, Tom’s business focuses primarily on firstly helping team’s, athlete’s and everyday people achieve above and beyond their own athletic, health and well-being goals and secondly, through mentoring and behavioural change. To accomplish this, Tom utilises his impressive knowledge of sports science, elite sports performance and practical coaching experience. He is also commencing a PHD in the Performance Engineering space: integrating and optimising the use if micro technology, data analytics and human movement.

As a coach, his success is based on in-depth understanding of sports science and human movement – he is currently commencing a PhD within the area, has published research papers, and is sought after to train some of the world’s finest cricketers.

Tom has used these skills to enhance the performance of individuals and teams in Olympic and professional sports. However, Tom’s particular passion lies in fundamental movement skills for cricketers –and he has a reputation for preparing some of Australia’s greatest ever player’s holistically for the locomotive demands and skill specific movements of all forms of the game as well as the Sydney Sixers within the Big Bash League Cricket Tournament. Tom firmly believes that his personal and professional experience has shaped him with a unique set of skills to coach, guide and develop people to achieve their athletic training and performance goals.