Ten years ago I met Tom. My first year at the rugby club Sydney University. I can’t remember the initial meeting. No doubt it would have involved some form of banter from Tom probably regarding my weight or form on the field. No one was safe from a verbal barrage when he was around. Tom loves to tell it how it is. 

Which is why ten years on with my rugby career taking a new direction as I headed overseas he was the first person I called when I needed to do some work on my conditioning. 

Whilst playing with Tom at Sydney University we all followed his work ethic. He would smash himself during the week, training so hard, then perform on the weekend. In context, many players (successful ones too) would look after themselves during season, and do their main graft of work prior to the season, or in weeks off. Tom knew how to push himself then recover to perform. 

 If you ask him he’s not afraid to tell you about his successes. There have been plenty, capped 84 times for his state, multiple Shute Shield Premierships and more University Degrees than you can poke a stick at. He’s also not ashamed to talk about what he considers learnings. This honesty is what makes him such a great coach. 

I worked with Tom for two months this year. Two or three sessions a week and he wrote all my programming. These were two of the most productive months training I’ve experienced. His ability to identify what every individual needs to take their chosen discipline to the next level is his biggest growth from those early University days. More is not necessarily better. 

Whether you’re a corporate guru attempting to run a marathon in four hours or a 30 year old front rower needing to refine running mechanics and put some mass on, Tom knows what to do. However, it’s more than just knowledge, and this could be one of his greatest assets, he’s prepared to do it alongside his clients. 

It’s not a question of what you want to achieve with your body but rather what kind of person you are. Tom is not the coach for everyone. He’s the coach for those who yearn for success like he does, those prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Look no further than the success of his clients. 

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