I’ve worked with and known Tom for quite some time now. I’ve always enjoyed training with him and I felt he always got the best out of me in any of my sessions. If I’m going to speak candidly, most trainers on some level should be able to do this. Tom does it very well, however what sets Tom apart from other trainers is his experience and understanding of not only what it takes to be an elite athlete but how powerful the mind is. I see far too often trainers, who almost ignore mental health and focus on physical appearance and performance exclusively. His understanding, empathy, compassion, respect and dare I say genuine care that I’ve felt personally, and I’ve seen him pass on to others that I’ve trained is not something I see in elite sport or life in general anywhere near enough.

In my opinion Tom’s natural ability as a mentor, a friend far outweigh how hard he can make you train or his vast knowledge of preparation for performance. Saying that about someone who knows always every stat about any sport regarding rate of injury or anything of the like is a fairly large statement but one I stand by.
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