“The journey to a future life with good health and quality of life is now becoming a reality. I can think clearer, I am more productive at work and at home, and most importantly I am now in control of all aspects of my health and wellbeing”

Daniel is one of my oldest friends and optimises what Human Performance is based on. The belief that the processes, theories and strategies used within elite sport are transferrable to training people of all abilities and towards all athletic goals. When applied with the appropriate understanding of an individual’s specific needs and environment, ones athletic potential is maximised. Daniel has transformed his life, with passion, courage and commitment and it has been great to play a small part in his journey to turn his life around. 

I have known Tom Carter for the best part of 18 years. In this time I’ve seen Tom’s transition to the man he has become today.

I have seen Tom all the way back as a young college student through to being a professional rugby player, then rugby trainer and mentor.

I have seen Tom as a father and most importantly to me I’ve seen Tom as a mate and continue to do so.

One of the greatest aspects and similarities that can be found in the different roles Tom has had, is without a single doubt his commitment and passion.

Commitment and passion in my opinion is the key ingredient to success and a genuine desire to work hard.

Since Tom started ‘Human Performance’, I’ve seen Tom grow even more as a person and it’s such a wonderful thing to see him succeed professionally, and I love the fact that I’ve been part of his professional journey thus far.

3 months ago I was put on blood pressure tablets after 5 years of abusing my body with food, alcohol and no exercise. My busy unhealthy lifestyle got the better of me and I completely lost the urge to make time for myself to exercise and eat healthy.

Weighing in at over 155kg, with knee and calf problems, Tom came to me as a mate and requested we have a meeting. On Sunday the 11th of March, he bluntly told me how unhealthy I had become; in only the way he does. He reminded me just how precious life is and that I shouldn’t be abusing my body in such a way. He loves to quote “the human body isn’t an amusement park”.

He challenged me that if I wanted to see my children grow old, I had to change my lifestyle and turn around how I viewed exercising and eating. With this as my reality check, my point zero, we started on a journey to get my weight down, change my health and ultimately remove my dependence on medication.

Monday 12th March was our first training session. Tom gave me exercises that not only helped elevate my heart rate but exercises that rehabilitated my knee at the same time. This was a very controlled, meticulous and throughly planned program.

Admittedly the first month was hard. I battled with soreness, consistency and making myself a priority. However with Tom’s mentoring and training program I managed to surpass that initial month hurdle and can say quite confidently I’ve adapted to a healthier everyday lifestyle.

Our journey has been amazing with so much variety in our training: we train indoors as well as outdoors; consisting of cross training, running, strength and conditioning and not to mention endless amounts of climbing stairs (yes he does watch this from his car if he feels its too cold) and endless variations of banded and weighted squats.

I have now lost over 25kg and awaiting my results in regards to my blood pressure medication.

I’m not 100% sure where I want to be yet, but I can definitely say I’m knocking at the door of the half way mark, with a 100kg body weight my target. The journey to a future life with good health and quality of life is now becoming a reality. I can think clearer, I am more productive at work and at home, and most importantly I am now in control of all aspects of my health and wellbeing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of my training with Tom, especially when we actually train together.

It is a great feeling when you have someone that goes to battle with you, it changes the aspect of teacher/student training to two mates fighting to achieve a common goal.

I couldn’t recommend anyone higher enough in the personal training industry than Tom Carter.

He is professional, he is committed, he has plenty of passion and best of all he will save your life.

He has saved mine.

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