“Tom has consistently excelled in his sporting pursuits. He has a track record of exceptional academic achievements in the realm of high performance strategy, training, implementation and sustainability. I consider myself fortunate to have been involved with Tom in these roles first hand at a professional sportsman level with The University of Sydney and the Sydney Sixers Franchise.

Tom was truly outstanding as a dedicated, professional and motivated high-performance strength and conditioning coach at a critical time in my professional sporting career. Without his influence, I am doubtful I would have made such a successful return to professional cricket. He was able to recognise both the physical and psychological aspects that would guide me to renewed success in my sport, as well as incorporate his intricate knowledge of player recruitment and strategy facilitating my successful return to the elite sporting arena.

Tom’s willingness to go beyond his standard considerations and utilize his enormous skill set to drive me past my normal boundaries was crucial to my successful return to sport. His understanding of the physical requirements, psychological construct and behaviors required to achieve this were outstanding.

In addition to personal coaching, Tom has an incredible capacity to identify areas for improvement in the operation and performance of elite sporting personnel and beyond that to sporting organisations. He was able to profile a system to aid in my expectations both mentally and physically, seeking marginal gains so that as an individual I could deliver sustained results.”

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